‘I Rest My Case’ is the latest album from NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy

Another project is beginning the new year for NBA YoungBoy.

NBA YoungBoy is bringing more heat with I Rest My Case after releasing a steady stream of releases over the previous year. The rapper’s first album of 2023, released just a few weeks after his Lost Files mixtape, has about 20 tracks total but has no features.

NBA YoungBoy, who had previously signed with Atlantic Records, is now with Motown Records, and I Rest My Case is his first album to be published on the label, according to Billboard.

NBA YoungBoy


NBA YoungBoy has made significant progress in his musical career. Following the release of 3800 Degreez, artists like The Last Slimeto, his collaboration with Quando Rondo 3860, and others swiftly ascended the charts last year while releasing several successful albums and singles.

A testament to the “Make No Sense” rapper’s devoted fans, he also rose to become one of the most streamed American musicians in 2022.

In a recent interview on Amazon’s Never Broke Again Radio, he named some of his favourite emcees in the industry, including Soulja Slim, Shy Glizzy, Young Thug, and French Montana. He promoted Quando Rondo, who is currently signed to YoungBoy’s Never Broke Again label, on another episode.

He stated that the rapper of “War Baby” is superior to him, saying, “The world be hating so terrible, and I will be keeping it so gangsta. They b***hes be hating on my five because Quando raps a lot better than I do. That twisted ass sh** bothers me.