Megan Hackett


    The ultimate guide to provence Marseille shore excursions: 2024

    Embark on a virtual journey through the ultimate guide to Provence and Marseille shore excursions in 2024.

    “Revolutionizing Indian Economy: UPI’s Ascendance in India’s Financial Landscape” – Insights from Mohammad Asad’s IIT Kanpur Research

    Explore the groundbreaking research by Mohammad Asad from IIT Kanpur on India's transformative financial landscape through the Unified Payment Interface (UPI).

    Classified Documents Found At Mike Pence’s Indiana Home, Joins Trump, Biden In Document Saga

    According to a letter sent to the National Archives by Pence's attorney, on January 16, about a dozen documents marked confidential were found at...

    A hypothetical rematch between Trump and Biden in 2024 shows Trump leading

    Former President Donald Trump has surpassed President Joe Biden for the top White House spot in a virtual rematch in 2024, according to a...

    Could Marjorie Taylor Greene be Donald Trump’s next vice president? ‘Shortlist’ includes controversial Republican

    Controversial two-term Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor-Greene is eyeing ex-President Donald Trump's vice presidential nomination in 2024, according to former Trump strategist Steve. Bannon told...

    A Canadian woman pleads guilty to mailing ricin to Donald Trump in 2020

    A Quebec woman admitted guilt on Wednesday for mailing ricin, a poison naturally present in castor beans, to then-President Donald Trump. For more than...

    Ted Cruz: FBI should search and investigate Hunter Biden’s home for classified documents

    Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) Wednesday asked the FBI to search the home of his eldest son, Hunter Biden, for classified documents. On his Verdict podcast,...


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