Rapper claps back at Cardi B’s inflation tweets

Cardi B

The outrage on social media following Cardi B‘s statements about inflation is addressed.

Cardi B made waves earlier this week when she spoke out against the continuously growing costs of groceries around the country. “Naaaaaa food shopping prices are insane right now,” she tweeted on January 3rd. You should probably eat outside! Additionally, she tweeted, “Bitch why does lettuce cost $6 where I live?”

Cardi B

Despite the apparent innocence of the remarks, the “Bodak Yellow” artist stirred some controversy on Twitter. Some followers praised Cardi’s ability to handle her finances. However, other enraged followers shamed her for bringing up a problem that disproportionately affects individuals of lower social classes. Check out a few of the Twitter comments below.

Cardi B replies to the criticism she received on social media over her inflation tweets.

Cardi quickly to her critics on social media after receiving abuse from followers. She released a video on Twitter to show that her initial tweets came from a genuine place. She began the film by emphasising that millionaires have the right to be aware of their expenditures.

Let me share something with you, Cardi said in the video. “When I complain about the cost of food, you motherfuckers always ask, ‘Aren’t you rich? Why do you object to lettuce? What makes you so upset about this? That only serves to demonstrate to me that as soon as you achieve success and accumulate wealth, you’re fucking going to go bankrupt. because you people don’t budget.

Cardi continues by saying that she frequently receives an overview of her finances. She visited a supermarket after noticing that more money than normal was being spent in grocery stores. Despite being a millionaire who can pay greater charges, Cardi explained why she decided to speak out in public about the matter.

“Of course, I’ll say something!” Cardi said later in the video. ‘Cause I can only do oh yeah I’ll say something oh to hell oh and I have a big platform so to everyone responsible for these awful prices take this shit I would like it to be deleted.

After tweeting this video, Cardi B also sent out a follow-up tweet showing her optimism about making a change. One fan told the rapper that her clout wouldn’t magically fix inflation, and Cardi eventually agreed. If you raise enough awareness about inflation, you’ll never know,’ he replied simply.

Check out Cardi B’s latest inflation tweet below.