There is no expandable RAM for DIYers in the Apple Mac Pro design rumor for 2019


Supposedly, the Mac Pro will launch this year.

With the next high-performance CPU soon to be released for the entire world, Apple’s Mac Pro is the subject of numerous rumours and guesses for its arrival this year. It will reportedly have the same design as its 2019 look and will include the renowned System-on-chip (SOC) silicon architecture from the Cupertino giant’s M-series CPUs.

Furthermore, according to the speculations, this new machine will only be upgradeable when purchased or through Apple’s service centres, and consumers won’t be able to increase its random-access memory.

Mac Pro
Image: IDG

The focus of Mark Gurman’s most recent Power On Newsletter is on Apple’s impending release for this year, which includes an upgraded Mac Pro.

The expert predicted that this new model would retain the grills and metal casing finish of the venerable CPU’s 2019 iteration.

Additionally, he stated that this would be Apple’s last product to use the M-series Silicon chip when it is released, possibly ruling out the possibility of a future iMac Pro.

Additionally, it will concentrate on a single variation from Apple’s development because more expensive Mac Pros are only relevant to a limited audience of users.

RAM that can’t be upgraded, new Silicon Chip

The M2 Extreme Silicon chip, the most recent Apple semiconductor that adheres to the 2022 M2’s architecture, would reportedly be found in the 2023 Mac pro, according to MacRumors.

It also lacks the renowned user-expandable RAM capability of the 2019 Mac Pro, making it impossible for DIYers to swap out or upgrade their memory chips.

In addition, Apple abandoned its intentions to produce a Mac Pro this year that would have been powered by 152 GPU cores and 48 CPU cores.

Mac developments by Apple

Famous analyst and insider Mark Gurman has previously stated that the Mac Pro will be available by 2022 and will use the newest M-series chip, the M2 Extreme. This is one of the top leaks for the Mac Pro’s development. Further reports, however, stated that the machine wouldn’t be released in time for last year and would instead delay its introduction until early 2023.

According to early leaks for the 2020 release of the next iteration of the device, the aforementioned Mac Pro has already completed its two-year development cycle. Despite this, even though 2022 was the initial aim, the work was not finished in time.

Gurman also predicted that this year would see the release of more Mac machines for everyone to use, with an iMac M3 following later.

Although it will migrate to the newest M-series in 2020, Apple’s Mac Pro 2019 still uses an Intel-powered CPU for its processing. Despite the delayed upgrade, Apple still has big ambitions for the professional CPUs, and together with the newest M2 chip, has more to give the world this year.