The Galaxy Dedicated Chip could replace Qualcomm SoCs, according to rumors


Samsung might be developing its specialised chips.

For the next Galaxy mobile devices, it looks like Samsung’s smartphone business is creating its flagship chip. If this occurs, Samsung will be able to swap out the semiconductors it employs in its smartphone models.

Samsung may produce its dedicated chips to reduce its reliance on Qualcomm SoCs.

Giz China reported that there are reports that Samsung is attempting to create its flagship CPUs for its smartphone models. If this were to occur, Samsung might stop utilising the Qualcomm SoCs that are now used in its products.

Qualcomm SoCs

The president of Samsung’s mobile experience business, TM Roh, will reportedly provide further information about the “Galaxy dedicated chip” during the upcoming Galaxy S23 launch event, according to Ice Universe and a trustworthy tipster.

Google is reportedly working on its dedicated chips, so Samsung is not the only company rumoured to be trying to do the same.

This information is not surprising because TM Roh has already hinted at the development of a special processor for Galaxy handsets back in April. Comparatively, Samsung could use the Google Tensor chip’s AI capabilities for their own processor, which will make a comeback in the soon-to-be-released Google Pixel Fold.

Exynos chips, which are available in international markets, have long powered the premium Galaxy S series, while Snapdragon SoCs have been used for clients in North America and China. However, insiders have claimed that the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor will be overclocked in every Galaxy S23 device.

No More Trust in Exynos Chips, as the Galaxy Dedicated Chip’s Potential Is Limitless

This is a tempting advancement after losing faith in the Exynos chips’ performance. Speculation about the function of the Galaxy dedicated chip and the potential features it could add to upcoming Galaxy handsets is difficult to contain at this point.

As the only other foundry after TSMC that can produce such cutting-edge chips in 3nm, Samsung has its own foundry and has the potential to create something truly amazing. Furthermore, Samsung has plenty of time because it won’t be able to utilise the technology in smartphones until 2025.

The expected Release Date for the Samsung Unpacked Event is February 1 for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series.

Learning more about the features and specifications of the chip and what they might make possible for the next Samsung S25 line will be intriguing. Customers may soon see what Samsung has in store for its dedicated chip with the release of the Galaxy S23 on February 1.

The date for the following Samsung Unpacked event has been confirmed by Samsung Estonia, according to a Phone Arena story. Pre-orders for the company’s new Samsung Galaxy S23 series, which is anticipated to go on sale on February 9, began on Groundhog Day, according to the article.