In March 2023, Chris Rock will release a live comedy special

comedy special

Streaming service Netflix has announced that Hollywood star Chris Rock‘s upcoming comedy special will debut on the platform on March 4. The special, entitled “Selective Outrage,” will be Netflix’s first event to be broadcast live worldwide.

It’s reportedly Rock’s second special for streamers, following 2018’s “Tamborine.”

On Sunday, Netflix released the special’s official teaser and poster.

Chris rock

The teaser plays to Bun B’s “The Best Is Back” and begins with Rock sitting in his dressing room staring at the camera. A voice in the background later tells him, “Chris, they’re ready for you.”

Afterward, follow the stone boulders backstage, where you’ll come across bright lights and a screaming audience.

The Rock has had a hectic 2022 and is expected to open up about his experience at the Oscars — being slapped by Will Smith at the awards ceremony for joking about Hollywood star wife Jada Pinkett Smith. Rock has not publicly commented on the incident but has reportedly mentioned it at various stand-up shows across the United States.