Turkey and the United States take joint action to disrupt ISIS funding


The United States and Turkey have disrupted the ability to fund ISIS operations by designating four individuals and two entities in ISIS’ financial intermediation network.

The United States has named members of the network according to the counter-terrorism agency, which targets terrorist groups and their supporters. At the same time, Turkish authorities imposed an asset freeze on members of this network.

United States

Network founder, Brukan al-Khatuni. His two sons, Muhammad Abd al-Hamid and Omar Abd al-Hamid. His Lu’ay Jasim Hammadi al-Juburi, a financier of ISIS, has been designated to support the terrorist group.

The four of them facilitated money transfers to ISIS through Turkey-based financial institutions Wadi Alrrafidayn for Foodstuffs and Sham Express. Both are now designated by the United States. Wadi Alrrafidayn is said to be ruled by Brukan al-Khatuni. Sham Express, set up to illegally transfer money between Turkiye, Syria, and Iraq on behalf of ISIS’ financial intermediaries, has been arrested for providing material support to ISIS.

As a result of today’s action, all property and ownership of the individuals, entities, and entities located in or under the control of US persons must be frozen and reported to OFAC.