Paula Abdul allegedly stole Tommie Lee’s sunglasses design

Tommie Lee

The reality TV personality admitted that she feels “heartbroken and discouraged.”

Amid a celebrity business boom, singer Paula Abdul last week debuted her line of “smart audio glasses,” but she is now being charged with copying a design from Tommie Lee, a former cast member of Love & Hip Hop.

Paula Abdul

Abdul is accused of stealing Lee’s “cat eye” eyewear design. Lee, who previously created the sunglasses business Kilt Frames, expressed her disappointment and heartbreak over the incident on Instagram.

“I had high expectations for this company. each of those. She recently posted on Instagram, “And to just wake up and see it, like a wild buddy. “Down to how my frames look. even the cat eye that I always rave about.

“Bro, this is nuts. I frequently witness this happening to us. However, I never imagined that it would be me, the influencer added.

As she vented further online, Lee posted a picture of the “American Idol” judge promoting her new clothing line. She continued, “For this woman to take my complete idea down to the style and everything is horrible this always occurs US I honestly can’t believe this,” in a post to her Instagram Story.

The 38-year-old said, “It’s not fair and it really make me want to say f**k it and go back to the old self,” saying that she feels “discouraged and heartbroken.”

IdolEyes is the name of the vocalist of “Straight Up’s” new company, according to Venture Beat. The gadgets enable users to listen to music and podcasts, take phone conversations, and pair with Bluetooth devices.

This past Wednesday, Abdul launched the brand in collaboration with 1 of 1 Custom. Lee also worked with the tech startup to produce two pairs of audio sunglasses called “Night Out” and “Sunny Brunchers,” according to Kilt Frame’s website.