On January 26, ZoldOut will be released globally for PC and mobile

RPG game
Image via C4Cat Entertainment Limited

ZoldOut, a semi-turn-based tactical RPG game title developed by C4Cat Entertainment Limited, is gearing up for a worldwide game released for PC and mobile platforms. The game is reportedly set to release on January 26th on the game’s official global servers.

ZoldOut Global Offers Addictive Strategic Gameplay

The game is his SRPG in Steampunk style, giving the player access to multiple combat units, each offering multiple advantages and each advocating different types of gameplay tactics. The game also offers extensive customization options that are sufficiently diverse to allow the player to make his character stand out from the crowd of different players.


When talking about the gameplay the game offers, the core gameplay revolves around action points and the use of cards. Each character has 12 action points that can be spent to perform actions in combat. These Battle Points alone have the power to change the outcome of a battle. Players can either hold onto these points or use them all at once to deal greater damage to the enemy team. The preference is as much as the player.

Players have access to various weapon cards with unique powers and can use these cards to create their decks. The game also offers players the ability to access various in-game weapon cards. Can be used to add extra points to the damage of units equipped with these Weapon Cards. Players can also forge two types of weapon cards to create an overall unique card. This gives the game a unique touch and lets the creative side of the player run wild.

The game also has bosses unique to each level, ranging in difficulty from medium to hard, and as the player levels up by the bosses in the game as well, the bosses are also progressively developed in his level.

Players must think strategically and adapt their tactics and team to each boss’s characteristics to emerge victorious. Overall, the game offers players a highly immersive and unique strategic experience.