On “Insipio,” Logic targets money-hungry, clout-chasing rappers


Logic releases “Insipio,” his most recent song.

Though he may be divisive among rap fans, Logic has carved out a place for himself in the industry. He became a key character at a time when the mixtape and blog eras were converging, and in the years that followed, he attained widespread fame.

Photograph: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

However, he has laboured to the point where he has developed a devoted fan base that pays close attention to every action, whether it be his work in production or non-musical endeavours.

With the release of his most recent song, “Insipio,” this week, Logic went back to the beginning. In the song, Logic shows off his double-time flows and flexes his lyrical skills while aiming at people who he feels are taking advantage of hip-hop.

 He criticises rappers who continuously display their material affluence while providing subpar content. He criticises people who have given up their love of the arts in favour of fame at the same time.

Logic has some concerns about the condition of hip-hop today that he wants to express.

Logic released many tracks in 2022, including collaborations with artists including Wiz Khalifa, Russ, DJ Premier, Exile, and others. But he also gave fans Vinyl Days, his most recent endeavour. It’s unknown what he has planned for this year, but given that a new child is on the way, we can anticipate that fatherhood will take up much of his time.